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Title:  Perceived Quality Senior Chief Engineer


Ningbo City / Wuhan City of Ch, CN

Date:  10-Jun-2021

A Lotus is designed to be driven, to be experienced. It’s engineered that way, right from the first concept. Our goal is to design in the thrill of driving. That’s what we mean when we say, ‘For The Drivers’. At Lotus, we bring together people from different backgrounds and experiences to build a diversified global team. Put your craftsmanship spirit to good use: This is your opportunity to make a contribution that extends far beyond your job title.



  • Lead the design and refinement of premium quality on new Lotus products.
  • Lead the target setting on perceived quality and its breakdown on new product development.
  • Develop competence growth strategy within the perceived quality team and be responsible for the team’s talent review and succession planning.
  • Make proposals to improve perceived quality and design throughout different phases of the product development and lead the perceived quality assessment on data, prototypes, sample parts, complete vehicles and provide solutions for improvement.
  • Establish and refine a complete assessment system for perceived quality.
  • Establish and refine perceived quality developing standard on parts.
  • Create the perceived quality development road map for new Lotus product line-ups based on EV technology development trends and Lotus’s branding strategy.



  • Bachelor’s degree or above in addition to 15+ years of professional experience in area of design quality or perceived quality or experience on two complete vehicle development programs.
  • Good experience on perceived quality development for luxury brands.
  • Be familiar with complete vehicle development process. Experience on pure EV development is preferred.
  • A good team player, willing to embrace industrial and organisational transformation.
  • Strong on communication and collaboration, Resilient to stress.
  • Experience working with CATIA, Photoshop, Alias, VRED
  • Familiar with MS Office system
  • Good presentation skills
  • An understanding of development trends on intelligent/advanced EV and have an excellent understanding on perceived quality.
  • Customer-oriented, has understanding on the habits and likes of Chinese customers. Candidate who knows the focus points of perceived quality from Chinese customers and media is preferred.



About us

On September 29th 2017, Zhejiang Geely Holding Group successfully became the biggest shareholder in the iconic British sports brand, Lotus Cars.


Geely Holding Group will now utilize its full global automotive industry footprint to support the revival of the British brand to its former glory.


Lotus Cars was established in 1948 by Colin Chapman with the goal of producing lightweight high-performance vehicles for both the road and the race track. Lotus has subsequently built a strong record in motorsports with the brand taking six global F1 championships.


Under Geely Holding Groups control, Lotus will be able to access cross group technologies and synergies throughout the group with the goal of fully revitalizing the brand on a global basis as a flagship performance brand within the Group.


As part of the growing global trend and availability of leading technology from Geely Holding, Lotus Cars will be looking primarily at New Energy propulsion for a new range of products.


Lotus Chinese team located in Geely Research Institute as part of Lotus global and will be devoted to develop brand new Lotus model as well as synergizing with worldwide colleagues.


Join us to make great business success as a team!