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Title:  Lead Engineer - T&D


Hethel, GB

Department:  Test & Development
Date:  28-Apr-2021

Lead Engineer Test and Development - Fleet - Hethel, Permanent ,Full Time


The main purpose of this role is to work alongside the Fleet Co-ordinator to manage the organisation and logistics of the Test and Development Fleet.  This will involve maintaining vehicle databases, scheduling vehicle usage, regular maintenance activities and liaising with vehicle users to ensure the efficient and safe use of the fleet vehicles.  This could include benchmark vehicles, attribute evaluation vehicles and development and prototype vehicles.  Responsible for liaison with test engineers and build engineers as required to support test and development activities.  It could also require liaison with external test facilities.  A key part of the role is ensure that that all relevant documentation is in place including vehicle safety check, tax insurance transport documentation, gate releases, for the vehicle to leave site.  It is an essential role to ensure the efficient and timely use of the vehicle fleet. 


Duties and Responsibilities


  • Generate and maintain fleet tracker database and fleet vehicles schedules / maintain & develop the Odoo Fleet Management software 
  • Manage and organise vehicle usage and logistics
  • Manage and organise vehicle documentation include transport request, gate releases, workshop requests as required.
  • Organise Ride & Drives
  • Organise and facilitate Staff Drive Experiences for feedback on Lotus product
  • Manage and organise fleet maintenance requirements
  • Liaise with the engineering groups to determine what cars are required and when, then coordinate with Lotus Production facility for the build and delivery of vehicles to the correct specification
  • The role could include the sourcing of competitor vehicles for benchmarking purposes, this may require purchasing, hiring or exchange of vehicles with other OEM
  • Responsibility for ensuring that all fleet vehicles are road legal i.e. that the vehicle is insured, taxed and where applicable has an MOT certificate, this also applies to the use of "Trade plates"
  • Responsible for arranging all required paperwork to take fleet vehicles on and off site, including gate releases, transport requests, and related documents such as Carnet's
  • Responsible for creating workshop requests to the relevant workshop supervisors for work to be completed on the vehicles
  • At times this role will also include the support of various Test and Development activities, including driving and witnessing external testing.

This is an expanding role. Further responsibilities may be added as the role develops including the logistics for vehicle swaps with other OEM's, coordinating the logistics and preparation of press vehicles and organising ordering and sourcing of vehicles.

Essential Criteria

  • Good general knowledge of vehicles and the automotive industry. Experience of fleet management and logistics. 
  • An extremely methodical and organised approach.
  • Good communication skills. 
  • Good written and spoken English.
  • A High level PC skills, especially Excel/VBasic/Macros and MS Project. 
  • Previous fleet management experience in an automotive OEM environment 
  • Driving license



Possible European travel or travel to European test facilities